Food. The real reason I travel


The most frequently used sentences in my general life vocabulary are:

When Can We Eat?

What Can We Eat?

I Feel Like Hot Chips


I Think I’ve Eaten Too Much….But Can We Get Ice Cream Later?

I’m obsessed with food and when I am travelling, the obsession goes into overdrive. I eat with reckless abandon and if there is an opportunity to see traditional markets, food preparation or anything relating to ice cream, I’m on it. Like a fat kid on cake.

I’m quite terrible at recalling specific details about places I’ve been, which is actually one of the reasons I started this blog! But when it comes to food, I have a memory like an elephant. I probably couldn’t tell you the name of a hostel I’d stayed in an hour after I’d left but I could tell you how good a cookie I ate on a bus three weeks ago tasted. 

Lost count of the number of taco type things I ate at this market in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

A few nights ago, I went to the Bon Odori festival in La Plata, Argentina, a celebration of Japanese culture. A huge part of the festival was sampling Japanese cuisine. Walking from stall to stall, fighting (or sneaking) to the front of lines to order the next plate I realised I was indeed in my happy of happiest places. Travelling and surrounded by food.

I, in my happy place. My clothes, in a tighter place.

Interestingly, I was more confident speaking Spanish when ordering food at the festival. My shyness about pronunciation goes out the window when I’m competing to order the last deep fried prawn on a stick.

‘I was here first, give me that f$%ing prawn!!’ (In Spanish)

Seafood in Colombia? Yes please!

I love watching people preparing food. At the festival, around the back of the vendor stands, all the cooking action was happening. Old men grilling seafood on BBQ’s, women expertly rolling sushi rolls or hovering over flame grilled vegetables. Completely absorbed by the task at hand and unaware some woman is yelling for the last prawn at the stand in front.

When I’m not eating, I’m drinking. Slurping a smoothie in Granada, Nicaragua.

When I’m travelling, I am  just as happy eating food from street stalls as high end eateries. I want to try the whole spectrum of the culinary kaleidoscope. My two food highlights from recent travels through Central America and Mexico?  A street food market in Copan, Honduras and an amazing restaurant, Hartwood, in Tulum Mexico. 

And please don’t get me started on ice cream. This was intended to be a quick post, if we opened the ice cream topic I’d need a couple more pages.

So, I’m dedicating this post to my appetite, may you live long and strong my friend, and all the delicious food I have sampled throughout my travels. Here’s to many more dishes!

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